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New Species? by BlackDragonSage New Species? :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 3 0 My New Avatar! by BlackDragonSage My New Avatar! :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 3 8 Dragon Sketch by BlackDragonSage Dragon Sketch :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 1 0 Digital Art Version of My SandWing by BlackDragonSage Digital Art Version of My SandWing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 4 0 SandWing Drawing by BlackDragonSage SandWing Drawing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 3 0 Digital Art Version of my NightWing by BlackDragonSage Digital Art Version of my NightWing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 6 3 NightWing Drawing by BlackDragonSage NightWing Drawing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 2 0
As the water rushes up
As the smoke closes in
Our hearts fade out
:iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 1 0
This Giraffe LOL by BlackDragonSage This Giraffe LOL :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 2 0
What Should I Draw?
Hello! I am looking for things to draw! I would love to hear from you guys! Do not make it too simple, like a stick (although sticks can be hard to draw), but do not make it THE ULTIMATE MOON GODDESS OF THE 12TH DEMENTIOOOOOON! Just tell me in the comments, and if you really like my work, we can negotiate a deal for me to give it to you (like for points, other art, etc. but no real money).
:iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 0 4
My Checklist/Agenda
Some things I might be doing in the future -
A pokemon challange! So, I think I will draw the heads of all the basic pokemon in the Kanto region in a specific amount of time, like one a day (I know I narrowed it down a lot, but is is about 50 Pokemon heads instead of 800 full body drawings :T)
WINGS OF FIRE FANFICTION!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be several books long, with each of the dragons I have submitted (still need to do NightWing and SandWing). I am SOO excited to do this because I LERVE writing fiction!
Contests! Some of them will just be to give you guys stuff, and some might be things I need help with (AHEM AHEM animated avatar AHEM).
Try (emphasis on try) to do some full-body dragons
Steven universe (how does one "person")
More poetry
Join a group...?
Gregor the overlander (not totally sure what I can do with that, because I don't draw people, and I don't feel like writing a fan-fiction, and all the other characters are just normal animals).
Some creatures from avatar (the James Cam
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Fossil - For FossilDragon44's 100 Watcher Contest! by BlackDragonSage Fossil - For FossilDragon44's 100 Watcher Contest! :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 3 10
She uses all her might to capture the sun, yet we consider her a weed.
She blooms once more, to be the moon
We still consider her a weed
She prays her young will fulfill their one, single dream
But she knows it will not happen
They will be considered weeds
The moon children depart
Knowing the sad odds of their chance
Floating into the wind's unfaithful grasp
Floating into the wind's mocking laugh
Each one knowing their fate,
Each one a wish, a dream.
:iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 3 0
Digital Art Version of My MudWing by BlackDragonSage Digital Art Version of My MudWing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 3 0 MudWing Drawing by BlackDragonSage MudWing Drawing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 2 0 Digital Art Version of IceWing by BlackDragonSage Digital Art Version of IceWing :iconblackdragonsage:BlackDragonSage 5 0


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New Species?
Won this at the carnival; I think I am turning it into a fan-species, possible with a group and adopts and everything! 030
Alrighty Folks, I need help with my avatar! I (finally) made it a deviation, but when I try to make it my profile pic, it stays a still image! I am using the mobile site, and all the tutorials are on a computer, but would that be the problem? The file is .gif, so it should be working. Please help!
My New Avatar!
You would not believe how long this took me! I just did a very zoomed in and smooth picture and used a very helpful website called THere is a very helpful video on YouTube that taught to me this! Here is the link:…
Tag line Explanation:

I wanted to relax one night with a bath, and wanted some kind of bath product in there (bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bath) and my mom suggested using a can of shower jelly from Lush that had been sitting in there for a while. I said "what?" My mom replied, saying "haven't you heard, of SHOWER JELLY?" (I know the commas aren't supposed to go there, but the way she said it I just had to put it there EMPHASIS IS ON JELLY) So that is the inside joke. ENJOY THE GLORY OF BEING SHARED AN INSIDE JOKE! It is considered a privilege!
So for my dog Drawing I have done a pencil sketch, and I am using colored pencil for the nose and ears, and mixed India Ink and a quill pen for the fur. I have to draw EVERY SINGLE STINKN' SMOL HAIR, and even multiple layers of ink in some places! Crossing my fingers that I can finish it by Friday lol. I will post the pic of my dog and the drawing on Friday (if I am willing to lol).
Alrighty guys, I had the idea to do a weekly journal, with one entry for every day. I will add to it every Sunday, but can't notify changes, so I might post a status when I have edited. Anyway, enjoy! :D

Sunday, June 11 -  I discovered smoked salmon flavored cream cheese. A major event for bagels everywhere! 

Monday, June 12 - Gold Fish in milk tastes quite good.

Tuesday, June 13 - Adults are secretly addicted on fidget spinners.

Wednesday, June 14 - The iPhone 7 keyboard is annoying beyond words.

Thursday, June 15 - There is NEVER not a reason not to go to Five Below.

Friday, June 16 - There has never been such a thing as "unlimited data", and there never will.

Saturday, June 17 - Pancake mix from a box needs to be very very exact in measurements. 
  • Listening to: Twenty Øne Piløts
  • Reading: The Call of the Wild
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Shark Tank, the board game
  • Eating: Mac 'n' Cheese
  • Drinking: Sparkling Ice


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